Ann Marie Vancas-artist

You listened to the love songs...yet you love like you do..
How is this so?

Why do we fight the ones we love..?
because we also fight Love.

The day that the brain and love meet...
Let's hope the brain is not paying attention.

Love is like running with your eyes closed.
Makes sure it is in a field of flowers...
So that when you fall it will be beautiful.

You will never know how happy you are until you are not.


As a child I always wanted to live at the bottom of the ocean.

He swam too well...
He suddenly remembered..the days of warm sunshine.
Swimming in the warm ocean waters.
He thought to himself...If I can get to the bottom...away from the waves..and the currents. I will be at peace...I will be safe... :)
But how to breathe..?
So he made the choice not to....

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