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I held its tiny body in my hands...
Too small to fly..and me helpless to save it.
Hearing the cries of the flock above me...made me fee more helpless.
When they saw that I had the tiny bird in my had...they began to follow me.
They made soft chortling sounds.
I felt it tremble..and it flew from this earth for the first time...
WIthout wings.
We come into this world so innocent.
it is this way with all the species.
I tried to place it in the high tree.
I felt the rest of the flock needed closure..
Or was this a human thing...?
I felt they had given up once they saw the baby in the tree.
Were the birds just acting on instinct? To protect their species?
Or were they really greiving?
I went back inside to finnish my painting...
I guess I will never know...

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