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In my sleep...
we are flying..
We are riding arabian horses on the beaches of forever.

When I wake... the sun is blinding my eyes...and I realize  you are not here.
So strange that I should despise the daylight...and curse the dawn.
To be paralized in my where I want to be..
My body wasting as my dreams have a life of their own.

If only I could stay  here forever...
As the dawn breaks through the curtain of my eyes...
I know that you are leaving me again.
 Even if I am to sleep in the morrow..
How am I to know you will be here waiting for me?

I hate the dawn...because I know that while the sun breaks...
I am far from you.

Perhaps I will be trapped in my dream state with another...?
It would be futile to try and look for you in the dawn...
Because I know the only place I will find you...
Is in the silence of my dreams.

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