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Logic can only be cold.
Water can be hot and cold…
Emotion can be both.

I want to talk of love…because so many think of this as only an emotion.
But love can only be a thing…something that can be given…taken...received.
If we want to take it to the next extreme…it can be even considered a living thing.
a living being.
and in such way I write with a Capital “L”

 It can affect our emotions…even our physical being...
Our brains and our senses all are affected by it...

Can Love be detected by logic? Only when we study the emotions I believe.

Logic cannot detect love in the same was we cannot see the air.
It has to be coloured by something… the senses can only see love.
We cannot find it by intellectualizing about it.
The senses ponder this by nature... music…art…literature…and of course, other human beings.

It can also cause such  great pain that some avoid Love in the same way one avoids food we know to make us sick.
And in the same way...cause such extasy some will become addicted...and seek it at all costs....
Then there are others who give love away as such a generous soul does with unlimited funds...never thinking if they will get a return on their investment.
Because they know that love has no limits to its generosity...

There is nothing more beautiful than falling backwards in to the pool of love…
But for those who do not know how to swim…this is the as terrifying as death.

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