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Who does not want to be stolen…ransomed…. held in their captors heart?
Listening to it beating…its rhythm consoling you into a deep sleep.

The thief knows nothing stolen ever really belongs to him. But really…to the one he has stolen from.
When the blue shadows start to gather around the trees…
The thief will feel the familiar rustling in his heart.
And he will know that it will be any day now.

The space here is confining says the captive….
Her wings are cramped and folded inside this beating heart. And she wonders how they will appear once unfolded….and dried in the sunlight.
She know that that would be any day now.

The thief lays his head down…. watching the sun slip behind the shadows of the trees…
He knows….any day now…she will no longer be around.
Then what is there left for a thief to do?
Steal another…?
He  again felt the rustling in his heart…and tried not to think about it.
But he vowed he would keep holding on.

When the sun rose…the rustling turned to an aching pain.
And the thief knew that he could not keep his captive…but he had to hold on begging her not to fly.

The captive awoke from her warm chamber…
Her restless eyes saw the sliver of the sun rays…turning the former blue shadows…a bright violet.
She rolled her wings first left. Then right…
She climbed out of the thief’s heart…causing great pain…
He thenfelt the left chamber collapse…then the right.

She looked back on the death of his heart…
almost turned back…but she noticed her wings were completely unfolded…
and she at that moment could not resist the urge to fly.
So she did….

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