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The sea creatures woke her from her long slumber…
“Istina it’s time to go to the river banks.”

The warm currents were billowing her long flame locks…lulling her back to sleep.
“Why??? Why must I go to the bank?” Like a petulant child she sulked and covered her face…
Concealing her tears…
“I hate those that live there...” she wailed….
“Leave me at once back  to my slumber”
“There is someone to meet you…His name is Haos.”
“let him wait….”
She swam up out of curiosity to peer at him through the water.
He sat there…large eyes full of sadness…full lips downturned.
His shoulder bowed in defeat.
He at once turned and saw her…Her red hair fanning out at the top of the water giving her away…. He leapt up and ran towards her.
Terrified she swam back toward the bottom.
“I don’t like his sadness….I don’t like his brokenness …I know you want me to help him…but I cannot!”
“But you must!”   The all said in unison
“He has killed Love…and wants more to destroy. He does not understand that which he is playing with.
His soul is already scarred so much…that I fear there is no reviving it.”
“You are his last hope! “
“I cannot!!”
“You must!” defeat…she swam up and out of the water.
He then marveled at her beauty. Her eyes the perfect camouflage from the blue waters she emerged from.
Instantly he felt the tension from his scars loosen…suddenly he needed to possess this creature.
He tried to at once capture her in his arms.
She cried out….and leapt to the nearest rock…just out of reach.
She knew he must not touch her…lest the two worlds merge.
He assumed she was like the land creatures he was so used to…
She used her copious locks to veil her face.
She then listened to his story.
HE wanted a wife…someone to accept his brokenness.
Istina said…
“What you want is yet another heart to devour…I cannot provide this for you..”
“I cannot live in the prison of your memories”
“My home is within the peace of the water…it’s beauty is without complication.
Your life is hard…you love like an animal at a trough…a banquet where all must be sampled…You live without conscious…You version of love is to devour and to destroy…you seek to fill a hunger that will never be satiated.”
“What if we fly away from here…to live within the company of the constellations…Help me to forget this pain…” he begged.  ” While there is still time…”
“ I cannot…in fact…I must go back to my home…” she replied…eyes downturned.
At this moment the moon smiled…. knowing Istina would never fly away from those sleepy tributaries.
“The dawn will be here soon…and I will leave you this…” she said…
At that moment…Haos heard the most beautiful of sounds…
It can be described as music…but more like the winds caress on aspen leaves…
The howling of a wolf cub in the distance…. The mourning dove’s call for its mate…. the silence of a falling star.
He closed his eyes...and crossed over to another place… his worries left in all those yesterdays.
He could only remember the effects of the song. And he would never for the rest of his life…forget it.
He tried many times…yet he could never ever recreate it…
For the time his heart listened to the melody…he understood why she was not to be his.
Bitter sweet…she swam away…
Having left him for that which he did not come for…

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